What Props Should Escorts Use For Their Profile Photos

Escorts should add furnishings and furniture into their profile photos to enhance their beauty. Props can help to add interest in their website photos. However, they must compliment the escort and portray they type of escort service she offers and her personality. The most common types of props to use is furniture to sit, lean and lay upon. Glamour photography is usually used to emphasise escort work. The props that are used need to enhance the best parts of an escorts body, not cover them.  

For example, an escort who specialised in domination should wear the traditional black leather outfit with a whip as a prop. She may use a black timeless Italian leather chair to rest one leg on. Emphasising her long, strong thighs and knee-high boots. Many escorts use timeless luxury furniture, that has been painted gold, red or purple. Boudoir photography portrays escorts to be sexual, sensual or erotic. It is very common for these escorts to use silk or satin bedding, whilst they lay seductively on a timeless bed. A popular prop that escorts should use in their profile photos is a gold dressing table. Whilst they sit on the stool in sexy lingerie. Girls who are happy to show their faces may show their reflection in the mirror whilst the photograph is taken from behind. Curtains can be used for soft silhouettes, which can add mystery to an escort’s personality.  

Escorts who are fun and love exploring should use props that are associated with outside. A companion who loves to accompany her clients on holidays, may choose to sit on the beach. A deck chair, with an escort laid scantily dressed and a cocktail in her hand portrays the type of escort that she is. Many escorts use the classic barn photographic setting. Aged wooden background with a simple hay bale is a timeless photo for an escort´s profile photo. 

Professional photographs can be expensive. Therefore, if an escort does not plan on having regular photo shoots, her profile photos should be timeless. The image must retain meaning and relevance to the escort service that is provided. Props in an escorts profile photo can date her image. She may use her mobile phone, whilst sat at a timeless office desk, in a sexy secretary uniform. However, the following year, the phone is outdated. Clients can instantly see that her profile photos are outdated.