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The Best Furniture To Have Sex On With An Escort
The Best Furniture To Have Sex On With An Escort

Obviously, the most popular piece of furniture to have sex on with an escort is on a bed. A comfortable bed, that is clean and soft can feel wonderful when you are laid with a naked escort. It is important that the correct sized bed and frame is used for weight of the client and escort. Clients can get into better sexual positions if a double or king size bed is available. That’s not to say, a lot of fun can be had on a single bed if your escort is adventurous and flexible. A large bed to have sex on is timeless! It will never go out of fashion or interest.  

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Props for escort profiles
What Props Should Escorts Use For Their Profile Photos

Escorts should add furnishings and furniture into their profile photos to enhance their beauty. Props can help to add interest in their website photos. However, they must compliment the escort and portray they type of escort service she offers and her personality. The most common types of props to use is furniture to sit, lean and lay upon. Glamour photography is usually used to emphasise escort work. The props that are used need to enhance the best parts of an escorts body, not cover them.  

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